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Low Back Pain Course:

Evidenced informed triage, assessment and treatment

Next course: Nov 15/16 2019, The Pavilion, University of Limerick

For further information on this course please see the course outline...

Hands-off, hands-on?

The hands-off, hands-on debate remains a common theme in physiotherapy, with proponents arguing for or against,  making for good arguments and "twitter wars".


The difficulty with this type of argument is the dichotomization into polar opposites, existing as two separate approaches. In essence, the clinical reality is more nuanced than reductionist arguments allow. There is a place for both hands-on and hands-off. They can exist in tandem to each other as part of a multimodal plan of care.

Is it time to leave this type of debate behind? To move from a two-dimensional argument?

"The physiotherapy profession has arguably more important things to debate than such a false dichotomy as hands-on or hands-off."

(Kerry, R, InTouch, 167 Summer 2019)

The same debates rage over active and passive, or general versus individualized treatments, wherein there are caveats, potential advantages and disadvantages to both or as multimodal approaches.

Swings are not necessarily roundabouts!

In our two-day course on Low Back Pain: from triage to treatment,

we discuss and explore these concepts in the context of low back pain.

Our main aim is to empower the clinician with evidence-informed rational assessment and treatment of low back pain.


For further information on this course please see the course outline...

If you have any questions, please contact us...


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