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2 day / 15 hour CPD

Low Back Pain Course

Evidenced based 2 day course aimed at improving the clinical management of low back pain 

Evidenced based triage assessment and treatment.

Practical knowledge based course enhancing the physiotherapist's

skills. Instantly applicable.

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1 day / 8 hour CPD

Trigger Point Dry Needling Refresher

1 day Trigger Point Dry Needling review day. Improved and refresh skills.


Meets criteria for CPD training

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2 day / 15 hour CPD

Whiplash Course 8 hour

Clinically relevant physiotherapy management,evidenced informed

overview, assessment and treatment

Hot Topic

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Figure 32 Subscapularis medial portion i

3 day / 24 hour CPD

Trigger Point Dry Needling - TOP 30

3 day introductory trigger point dry needling course for physiotherapists / medical doctors. Safety, technique and application of DN to top 30 muscles

David G Simons Academy Course


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