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Our courses are open to Chartered Physiotherapists / HSE physiotherapists and CORU registered physiotherapists.

Our courses are open to Athletic Therapists (ARTI or BASRAT), Medical Doctors, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Osteopaths, Chiropractors.

Our courses are not open to "massage therapists" or "neuromuscular therapists". If you are using the title "physiotherapist" / "physical therapist" you must be CORU registered to attend our courses. 

If you have a query on eligibility please contact us to discuss.

If you have any questions about the suitability of a course, please contact us before booking.

It is the practitioners /clinicians' responsibility to ensure that their scope of practice (and insurance) covers the application of the training courses in clinical practice (eg trigger point dry needling) and also if planning to practice in another country.

For further information see:

Refer to About Dry Needling...

Also, see terms and conditions...

For our online course(s) please refer to the T&C's for the specific course.

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