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DN2: Spine Head Neck Trunk

3 Day

24 hour

Cost: €495



David G Simons Academy Course

Follow on to  DN1


Instantly applicable


Knowledge & skill-based

Strong emphasis on safety & technique


Figure 32 Subscapularis medial portion i

David G Simons Academy of Switzerland Course

The course is designed for physiotherapists, MDs, ATC, DO, DC
Duration of the Course 24 hours

You must have completed DN1 prior to undertaking this course

Course Outline

This 3-day advanced course covers trigger point dry needling of the trunk, spine, pelvis, and shoulder muscles. The course is a hands-on course.


Participants practice manual trigger point dry needling therapy amongst each other.

This is a training program with immediate clinical applicability upon completion.


Prerequisites Completion of Dry Needling 1


Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the basic scientific backgrounds of the myofascial trigger point pain syndrome 

  • Be able to identify the trunk, spine, pelvis, and shoulder muscles by surface anatomy, palpation and by function and know their clinical symptoms and perpetuating factors

  • Be able to identify the features of trigger points by physical examination and apply this knowledge to the trunk, spine, pelvis, and shoulder muscles 

  • Understand the specific indications and contraindications of dry needling

  • Know and be able to apply the safety rules for dry needling be able to perform dry needling of the trunk, spine, pelvis, and shoulder muscles

  • Know possible side effects and complications of dry needling and will be able to react appropriately

  • Have updated their anatomy skills and knowledge

dn2 muscle list.png
Important Notice

This is potentially the last opportunity to complete DN2. We will be changing the DN course format from DN1 & DN2 to Top 30 and Advanced. Same quality DN

Just a different format of muscles covered

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